And Before Elf... There Were Elves

Released on October 25, 2011, And Before Elf... There Were Elves features archival recordings of Ronnie James Dio's former band The Elves. Comprised of both live and studio tracks from 1971, these songs have been remastered and compiled for this very special release. 

This album is now the second release from Niji Entertainment Group to feature special artwork-- a lenticular cover that shows both the original cover and the vintage group shot seen above. 

 1. You Shook Me 
 2. Stay With Me 
 3. Four Day Creep 
 4. Buckingham Blues 
 5. Wakeup Sunshine 
 6. Driftin' 
 7. Smile For Me Lady 
 8. You Felt The Same Way 
 9. Simple Man 
 10. Drown Me In The River 
 11. Cold Ramona 
 12. Little Queenie


 This album is now available for purchase from the Official Ronnie James Dio Webstore, so get your copy now!

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