I met Dio on many occasions but the first time was backstage after FOZZY opened for Motorhead in 2004. Ronnie was impressed with our show and told me so and when I shook his hand in gratitude I spilt my drink on him.

Mortified I apologized profusely. Ronnie was as gracious as always and told me it was "No Problem". I said "I was afraid you were gonna put a spell on me!" Ronnie looked at me menacingly and said "How do you know I haven't?" and gave me the evil eye hand gesture! I pooped my pants and was about to run screaming into the night when he burst out laughing and walked away. Awesome! Dio lives on forever.

Chris Jericho
(Fozzy, WWE)

Chris and Wendy announce the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Gods Press Conference in 2011



Date 8/21/2013

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